Posted: 03 Jan 12 in CrossFit
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We finally took our Christmas Tree down today.  I think Brittany might have been a little sad, and I have to say that the spot in our house where the tree was looks really empty, but it’s good that we’re not those people who have the tree up all year-long.  I can’t say the same for my icicle lights right now, it snowed a little yesterday, and I’m afraid to get on my roof to take them down.  I go back to work tomorrow after my second four-day weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to get the lights down this weekend coming up.

I did get my workout in today.  I ran another mile in a little under eight minutes.  I followed it up with the WOD.  Five sets of three reps of overhead squats.  This was my first time ever doing overhead squats, but with just three reps, I didn’t think it would be too bad.  I went with 135 lb.  I was able to do all five sets at three reps each, but I did get nervous a few times.  That was a lot of weight for me to hold overhead.  Either way, I’m feeling good with that amount of weight.

If anyone knows a good remedy for a cold, I could use it!  My nose is runny and stopped up, throat is swollen, and pressure in the sinuses.  I feel fine otherwise, but it is really aggravating.  It seems like every weekend I keep getting some kind of sickness!

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow after work, and my workout.


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