A Rant and a Workout

Posted: 12 Jan 12 in CrossFit, Random
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First of all, since this is called Nichols’ Randoms, it’s crazy to me how the weather can change. Last week I was riding my motorcycle, at night, in comfortable weather. Today, I woke up, and all I needed was a hoodie to keep me warm on my way to work. On my way home from work, there’s nearly an inch of snow on the ground. I don’t know about where any of you are from, but that’s just crazy to me! Not to mention, since a lot of people are idiots, that meant the speed on the roads was nearly cut in half. That bothers me like no other. Just drive your vehicle! (I just realized, I needed to mention that the roads were clear at this time, if roads were covered, that would be different).

It’s still so funny that the weather can change so quickly!

Anyway, today I did do a three-mile run, and the Crossfit WOD. This three-mile run was my fastest this week at 25:46. I’m proud of that, even though it’s nothing spectacular, and it was on a treadmill. The WOD was much easier than yesterday, in my opinion. Five sets of three rep back squats. I started off testing the waters with 135 lb. for my first set. I then upped the weight to 185 lb. My last three sets were 225 lb. It was a really quick, comfortable workout.

If any of you are in this suddenly changing weather, be safe out there, but don’t be the snail on the road!


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