Three miles, no sweat

Posted: 17 Jan 12 in Running
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Today’s plan was just a run.  There was no Crossfit WOD today, so my mini-marathon training plan was for a three-mile run.  Today was not good though.  It started out good, my first day being back on eight-hour shifts, instead of tens, and things went smooth.

Not only was it a short day, seemingly, but we stayed pretty busy working on our monthly report.

The downside, when I started my run, I started feeling a lot of pain.  I made my first mile in a reasonable pace, but I had to take it down with a quickness afterwards.  I ended up walking twice throughout the three-mile run.  My ankle was hurting quite a bit.  My breathing was fine, but I felt some pain.  I have another run tomorrow, at what I plan to be my race pace, so hopefully being slow with it will help.  I don’t know what I’ll do if there is something wrong with my ankle.

So, as you can see, my title for this post is misleading, my three miles were a lot of sweat!


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