Long time away

Posted: 23 Aug 12 in Uncategorized
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Wow, I just realized that I had been away from this for a very long time (8 months or so).  After looking at my last post, I think I might know why, and let me share that with you.

Last I wrote, I was having some sever ankle pain.  I finally got it checked out, and my doctor told me to keep off of it for a few weeks, which I did.  I ran a 5K with some pain, but not terrible, so I started training for my 10K a few weeks later.  I felt a lot of pain at this time, so took a lot of rests, and when I actually ran the 10K, well, let’s say that ‘ran’ isn’t the right word.  I ran, then walked, then ran, then walked.  I went back to the doctor, and after a second x-ray, they found a stress fracture in my fibula that had went all the way through.  I was out of running for two months minimum.

I also stopped doing CrossFit WODs at this time, since there was a lot of impact in the workouts on my legs.  I kept lifting weights, but changed my routine up quite a bit.  I also started bicycling a lot, and incorporated some elliptical machine work, and was feeling pretty good.

Finally, my return to the doctor, and he gives me permission to start running again, slowly.  Unfortunately, I had to head to a course for the Army, which ended up making that stipulation impossible (if I told my chain about the injury, I wouldn’t be able to attend the course, and without the course, no promotion).  That brings me to where I’m at now, I’m in VA attending the Advanced Leadership Course.

There’s some good news in this.  Being forced to start running has felt good, instead of causing pain.  So I’ve been picking it up.  Today, I started a running training program from Hal Higdon’s website.

There’s also some bad news in this.  Being away from home, I have found myself eating nothing but crap food!  So that’s changing also.  I was sitting here, eating a pizza tonight, when I felt disgusted with myself.  I looked in the mirror, and although I’m not a super huge person, I was very unhappy with the way my stomach appeared.  My goal is to fix that!  I’m changing what I put into my body.  Being in a hotel for the next couple of months is no reason to let myself go.

So here is what I’m putting out to you.  Do you have any tips to make a healthy living while in a hotel?  I do have a fridge and microwave, but that’s it.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!  I’ll be back to writing more often, so hopefully I get a few hits.  I look forward to hearing from anyone!



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