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Today’s workout was a great run, four miles, and the Crossfit WOD.  The WOD today was a Tabata Row, Tabata Squat, Tabata Pull-ups, Tabata Push-ups, and Tabata Sit-ups.  The Tabata rounds are as many as possible in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat a total of eight times each exercise.  I wasn’t able to do everything today.  The gym at the YMCA didn’t have a rowing machine, so I left that one out, and I didn’t do my last two minutes on the sit-ups.  My four mile run was completed in 35:40, which I feel really good with also.

Tomorrow’s Crossfit workout is a 5K run, but my mini-marathon training has me doing some cross training instead of running, so I’ll probably do that instead to give my legs some rest from the impact.

The regret, oh the regret, Brittany and I decided to order some pizza tonight.  We both love Papa John’s, and we love it so much that we finished a large pizza and order of cheese-sticks.  For the week, I’ve burned 1,800+ calories just from running, but I ruined all that with dinner tonight.  It was delicious, but painful, and probably set me in a deficit.  I plan on posting my stats in the next couple of days to see if I’m having any improvements in weight loss and fitness.

Oh well, the things we do.  I hope everyone has a great night!


Ouch!  That’s about all I can say to today’s WOD.  Aptly named the “filthy fifty,” the workout consisted of:

50 24″ box jumps, 50 jumping pull-ups, 50 1 pood kettlebell swings, 50 step walking lunges, 50 knees to elbows, 50 45 lb. push-press, 50 back extensions, 50 20 lb. wall ball shots, 50 burpees, and 50 double unders.

This is an insane workout!  I did nearly all of it as advertised, except I used a 30 lb. kettlebell because I don’t have a 1 pood kettlebell.  I also was completely exhausted by the time I got to burpees, so I stopped there.  One of the guys on the website posted completion in 16:23, I completed what I did in 45 and some change.

Not only that, but I got another three-mile run in today.  I was a minute slower than yesterday, but all things considered, I’m extremely pleased with that.

I hope everyone else is getting their fitness in for the new year.  I hope that if I start slacking at all, someone bugs me and sends some motivation my way!  Have a great one!

I took a couple of days off, which I’m noticing seems to keep happening around the weekends.  I need to stop doing that!  I’m on a training schedule for the KY Derby Mini-Marathon, so that should help me keep doing something during the weekend.

Speaking of the training schedule, I did a three-mile run today, in 26:50.  Not super fast, but, it was good enough, especially since I’ve only been doing some mile runs here and there.

I also did the Crossfit WOD.  Today’s WOD consisted of two muscle-ups, four handstand push-ups, and eight two pood kettlebell swings.  I still don’t have the strength to do a muscle up, so I substituted one pull-up and one dip for each.  I also can’t do a handstand push-ups, so I did the recommended substitution of kettlebell push presses (I used two 30 lb. kettlebells, for a total of 60 lb.).  I have no idea what a “pood” is, so I used the 30 lb. kettlebell for the swings also.  It was an AMRAP in 20 minutes.

I completed seven rounds.  What made me really happy about this was that I didn’t use the weight assisted pull-up machine.  That’s quite an accomplishment for me!

So, three miles, and seven rounds of the WOD today, not too bad for a little fat guy.  🙂


We finally took our Christmas Tree down today.  I think Brittany might have been a little sad, and I have to say that the spot in our house where the tree was looks really empty, but it’s good that we’re not those people who have the tree up all year-long.  I can’t say the same for my icicle lights right now, it snowed a little yesterday, and I’m afraid to get on my roof to take them down.  I go back to work tomorrow after my second four-day weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to get the lights down this weekend coming up.

I did get my workout in today.  I ran another mile in a little under eight minutes.  I followed it up with the WOD.  Five sets of three reps of overhead squats.  This was my first time ever doing overhead squats, but with just three reps, I didn’t think it would be too bad.  I went with 135 lb.  I was able to do all five sets at three reps each, but I did get nervous a few times.  That was a lot of weight for me to hold overhead.  Either way, I’m feeling good with that amount of weight.

If anyone knows a good remedy for a cold, I could use it!  My nose is runny and stopped up, throat is swollen, and pressure in the sinuses.  I feel fine otherwise, but it is really aggravating.  It seems like every weekend I keep getting some kind of sickness!

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow after work, and my workout.

I don’t know if I should blame it on the partying for the New Year, or what, but I was slacking.  We had a pretty good bringing in of the New Year, spent the evening with some close friends, and I drank a little too much.  It caused a little bit of friction between me and Brittany, but we had a great time overall.

New Year’s day was spent recovering, if you will.  We did play some of the sports games on the Playstation Move, I received for Christmas, and that was kind of a way to get a little fitness in.  It was mainly just fun.  She kicked my butt in the gladiator game!  I couldn’t believe it, but I beat her in table tennis (why does that not read very manly?).

New year’s was also a rest day for Crossfit.

Today was back to it with the Crossfit WOD.  The WOD was 3 sets of 21, 15, then 9 reps of two exercises: pull-ups and thrusters.  As you’ve seen so far, I have to do weight assisted pull-ups.  The thruster is a squat with a press in the up position.  The website asked for 95 lb., I did 45 lb., just the bar.  This WOD was supposed to be done for time.  My pull-ups were done at 135 lb. (I think, the machine doesn’t read very well) with a wide grip.  I completed the round in 7:39.  This was terribly slow, but here it is five hours after doing my workout, and my thighs are already sore, so that’s great news, I think.

To go along with the WOD, I’m starting my training for the KY Derby Mini-Marathon.  Today, for a light warm-up, I ran a mile, at an 8:00 pace, so that was good.  I’ll be following the running program by Hal Higdon starting next week.

Who knew doing an “AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)” would hurt so bad?  I imagine everyone who does CrossFit knew, but who else?

Today’s WOD was an AMRAP with 10 pull-ups, 5 75 lb. dumbbell dead lifts, and 8 135 lb. push-press in 20 minutes.  I had to scale mine way back.  I got through my first 2 rounds doing weight assisted pull-ups at 145 lb., 5 40 lb. dumbbell dead lifts, and 8 95 lb. push-presses.  The next round I went down to just the bar (45 lb.) on the push-presses. The fourth round I dropped to 135 lb. pull-ups.  I made 3 more rounds, then dropped down 125 lb. pull-ups.  I made it two more rounds before the time was up.

I was actually impressed with myself making it 8 rounds, but I also realize I was using puny weight.  I’ve only been attempting this for a week, with only three workouts, so I’m not feeling bad about that, yet.  We’ll see how I feel in a few more weeks of this.

Tonight, to kind of relax, Brittany and I are going with some friends to a comedy show.  I love stand-up comedy, although the last time we went, it was a terrible show.  Hopefully this is a better time.  Either way, it’s free, so who am I to complain.

WOD 29Dec2011

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As soon as I saw this workout, I was dreading it anyway.  Going from doing nothing to this was going to be rough, especially feeling as bad as I was the past few days (I am feeling much better now).

Here’s the rundown of today’s WOD as posted at

Hidalgo – run 2 miles, rest 2 minutes, 20 135 lb. Squat Cleans, 20 24″ Box Jumps, 20 Walking Lunges (45 lb. weight overhead), 20 24″ Box Jumps, 20 135 lb. Squat Cleans, rest 2 minutes, and run 2 miles.

Here’s the kicker for me today.  I don’t know what was going on, but the gym I normally go to was extremely crowded today.  I don’t know if there is a PT test for a unit coming up, if the other gyms on post were closed, or if a bunch of people were jump started a New Year’s Resolution they aren’t going to keep (if that’s the case, I hope they do, but I’m a realist, sometimes).  I couldn’t find a bar for my Squat Cleans, and they don’t have boxes anyway, so I substituted as best as possible.

This is my breakdown of how I did.  Keep in mind this is only my second WOD ever, so I’m hoping this isn’t too terrible.

I ran my two miles in 17:10, maintaining a 7.0 mph pace.  I did a close match to a Squat Clean with a 30 lb. Kettlebell (I knew I wouldn’t be able to do 135 lb.. anyway), 20 reps.  Followed with 20 jumps onto a bench (probably somewhere between 18″ and 24″), 20 walking lunges with a 25 lb. plate held overhead, returned to the jumps, and then to my Squat Clean Kettlebell sub.  This is where I stopped.  I thought this was more of a full-body workout, which it probably is, but my legs were done after my last 20.  All the treadmills were full, and I stopped here.  At this point my overall time was floating around 36:20.  Not great by any means, but I’m hoping to get better.  I just have to stick with it!

Anyway, if anyone checks this out and has any pointers, or wants to share, let me know!